Great websites always win over 'just OK' websites

The majority of prospective clients only contact two or three web companies and make their decision based on the website. This is why it’s so important that your website makes a better first impression than your competitors.

How we create great

Step one is getting to know your business, brand, objectives, and your products or services. We will research your competition, target market and industry before beginning the initial design concept.

Step two is the careful selection of images, fonts, and colors. Then follows the creative layout, font size, letter spacing, line height, functionally, padding, margin and page load speed. Each website we build has over 100 lines of custom code to make sure your website looks perfect on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Those with a critical eye will appreciate the attention to detail. Others will simply know that the site looks great without registering why. All this does not change the easy frontend editing of your site.

What a great website looks like

The WOW Factor. When a visitor lands on a website, they decide if they are going to stay or go within a matter of seconds. The visual impact of the site needs to pull in visitors. It's like scrolling through endless movies on Amazon Prime. You probably only read the synopsis if the graphics grab you.

A strong message. Not only do your prospective customers need to be wowed, but they need to immediately know if you have what they want. It's critical that your message is crystal clear right from the start.

Capture your brand. The site needs to capture the essence of your brand. The content and visual design; the color scheme, the font selection, images, and layout; the overall look and uniqueness all work in unison to help you connect with visitors.

Intuitive navigation. Anticipating what your visitors are thinking is necessary to build intuitive navigation so they can quickly find the right product or service. If they must spend a lot of time searching, they may not stick around to explore all you have to offer.

Built with the best software

Our websites are built using a premium blank-canvas WordPress theme and plugins that offer maximum flexibility and stability, providing the most creative latitude with software that doesn't crash.

We do all of this with the single objective to inspire visitors to contact you instead of your competitors.

About the founder

Tom Todd is the founder of T2. His greatest strength is being bi-lingual…speaking both internet as well as words that non-geeks can understand.

We're located Bend, Oregon but service the entire US. Bend is an amazing place to live for anyone who can do their business over the internet. It's an especially great place for anyone needing creative inspiration.