Meet The Team

Meet The Team

We come with loads of experience: 15 years of WordPress design & development and 20 years of writing

Tom Todd, WordPress Guru

Tom is the founder of T2 and the WordPress developer. His first internet project was somewhere around the time Al Gore invented the Internet. His greatest strength is being bi-lingual…speaking both Internet as well as words that non-geeks can understand.

In 1988 Tom moved from Portland to Seattle to join Egghead Software as their General Merchandise Manager where he contributed to their supersonic ride from a $50 million company to a billion dollar giant - all in just five years! Egghead proved to be an extraordinary training experience in marketing strategy plus he walked away as a techie-geek.


Jen Todd, SEO Content Writer

Jen Todd is our SEO content writer, with over 20 years experience as a marketing writer and editor. She has written blog posts, website content, newsletters, and marketing collateral on subjects that run the gamut — from Nouveau Beaujolais to Big Data. Jen has worked as a content writer for well-known companies including AT&T and Expedia.

While she resides in beautiful Central Oregon with her webmaster husband and two dogs, Piper and Shiloh, thanks to technology, Jen's clients span the nation.