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WordPress DesignWhat is WordPress design?

Sometimes the terms ‘WordPress design’ and ‘web design’ means everything related to creating a website.  However, like many other companies that build websites, we separate the process of creating a website into three distinct areas… design, development and content. We use the term ‘design’ to refer to the look and feel of the site which includes the color scheme, the layout, font selection, and navigation.  In our business, design also includes logos, bullets, buttons and banners.

What if I already have a design?

No problem.  Many of our clients have their own in-house designer or they use an independent designer.  We would need receive the site layout in a Photoshop layered file.  It’s best if we talk with your designer first to make certain that the design will be WordPress-friendly. If you don’t have a graphic designer, T2 will refer you to one of our designers to create your website.

Fully Customized Site using your graphic designer or one of our design partner

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