Website Features

Website Pricing Structure

These packages are generic and reflect a general price structure. Please detail your specific needs for a custom quote. NOTE: This chart must be viewed on a desktop or laptop.

General Pricing

Development of a template based on your design instructions. Built using the responsive 18tags Pro theme. 

Two hours of Skype screen-share training so you will be able to add pages, text, images and video.

30 days of support for WordPress, 18tags Pro, and the plugins that were originally installed.

Setup of your email accounts.

Custom designed using premium modular tools and home page hero or slider.

Developer's license extended to your site for one year for all premium plugins.

Adding all of your content, including: text, images, video, audio, and PDFs (up to 7 pages)

Premium Gravity Forms setup to your specs. (Up to 2 forms)

Hero images on up to 4 inside pages. Includes stock image selection & cost.

Dedicated mobile site built using WPtouch.

Premium fonts from Adobe TypeKit. All visitors will see the intended font.

Added complexity to the design and images below the hero images.

SEO optimzed based on researched keywords and key phrases. 


Design Complexity:



Design Complexity:


Design Complexity:



Design Complexity:


We have a developer's license for the following products. Depending on the client agreement, these licenses are extended to the website for one year from the day your website goes live. 

18tags Pro is the theme that sits on top of WordPress. This blank-canvas theme allows for custom designs.More complex layouts require the addition of Poodle Press Pro, described below.

Poodle Press Pro is used to create modular block layouts and provides front-end editing.

Gravity Forms is the best way to capture your visitors information.

WPtouch Pro makes your websites look exceptional on Smartphones. If your website is has full-width images or has a complex layout, separate pages will need to be build for the smartphone view. Also, worth mentioning, viewing websites on smartphones in the US is now significantly higher at 51% compared to desktop (42%). Learn more.

Adobe Typekit provides thousands of premium fonts that are streamed directly to the user's internet browser as they view your website. This ensures that visitors will see the cool fonts intended for your website and not a default font the browser may decide to display.