Hosting on T2

Save by hosting with T2.  See everything you get in the chart below.

My developer licenses with the software companies makes the pricing you see below possible. I am also leasing a large amount of space from Siteground on their most advanced, extremely secure, and fastest server. This level of server performance is typically used by large companies that need that level of performance and speed. But in my case, many small sites instead of one large site are sharing the server.

18tags Pro is the theme that sits on top of WordPress. WordPress requires a theme to work. This software allows for the creation of almost any imaginable design.

Poodle Press Pro is used to create the full-width sections and block layouts.

Gravity Forms is the best way to capture your visitors information.

WPsoft The Grid is a premium plugin that is used to create sliders and images with hover and text mouse-over functions.

SiteGround's fastest server, GoGeek, has a regular cost of $35 per month. This is typically used by larger companies with huge websites, but it's included in the monthly subscription.

Annual fee if paid in advance: $240