Five absolutely crucial new rules for winning the SEO game

Just when you’d thought you mastered the SEO game, the rules change again.

Such is life and technology. The latest is that keywords are no longer the little demigods they once were. The newest way to drive traffic to your site is via “the user experience”.

A recent study on the future of Search Engine Optimization by Seattle SEO consultants, Moz, Inc, showed that paid links and anchor text have decreased in impact (by 55% and 49% respectfully). The biggest projected SEO factors going forward will be mobile-friendliness (88% impact increase); evaluation of a page’s usefulness (81% increase); the overall look and readability (67%); and the time users spend on the site (67%). All well and good, but how do you go about optimizing your site now? Read on for the newest ways to navigate those messy SEO waters. Continue reading Five absolutely crucial new rules for winning the SEO game

5 things about WordPress blog writing that make it unique

WordPress blog writingWrite like you speak and forget what you learned in business writing 101

If you are new to writing blog posts, you may think, “What’s the big deal?” Writing is writing after all, and you’ve been doing it all your life. You’re probably especially familiar with business writing, and so how could blog writing be all that different for your WordPress post?

Well, it just is. WordPress blogs are a relatively new format and call for a style of writing that is unique and very informal. It’s unlike academic or business writing in a number of ways. Here are five distinguishing features of WordPress blog writing to keep in mind when crafting your own posts. Continue reading 5 things about WordPress blog writing that make it unique

Recommended WordPress hosting & security

If your WordPress website is a critical part of your business, a $3.99 hosting package will no longer suffice. Here’s why:

Hacked sites are usually immediately shut down by the hosting provider. Most hacked sites typically have no security or very poor security. Many site owners pay hundreds to have the malware removed and the site restored.

If your site is hacked, Google will add this message to your search results: “This site may have been hacked.” It can take weeks to get this message removed, resulting in a big reduction in site traffic.

Here are the facts:

Continue reading Recommended WordPress hosting & security

How to improve your SEO results with long tail keywords

Google-seoDoes your new WordPress post include search engine optimized long tail keywords?

No, we’re not talking about Dr. Seuss characters or the latest virus to attack your computer. Long tail keywords are keyword phrases that are very specific to the products or services you offer on your website, and they will greatly improve your SEO results.

Including these words in your content is vital when it comes to attracting new customers that you may have been neglecting up until now – those who are not in the beginning of the sales cycle, but rather in a later stage, and therefore much closer to actually purchasing. Continue reading How to improve your SEO results with long tail keywords

Google’s search algorithm is changing

time-to-change--300pxJust because you ranked high on Google in the past doesn’t mean that you’ll continue to do so.

The Google algorithm has changed and if you want to keep or improve your Google rank, you will need to change too. The big focus now is on well-researched, relevant, unique and in-depth content on a regular basis.

If you’re asking, what about Bing and Yahoo, you’d be better off focusing on Google searches, as they comprise 67% of those in the US. Bing is about 20% and Yahoo the remaining 17%. In doing well with Google, you’ll do well with Bing and Yahoo. Continue reading Google’s search algorithm is changing

50 SEO facts you may not know

The concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may be new to you. Or perhaps you’re familiar with SEO, but not sure it is all that important to your small business. The truth is SEO is vital to your business site’s success, and here are 50 ways to use it to your advantage.

1.    You need SEO. Want visitors from search engines? Then SEO is absolutely necessary to sort and rank your site for keywords related to your business.

2.    Start SEO immediately. If you procrastinate, your competitors will gain the advantage, and it will become more difficult to move before them in ranking. Continue reading 50 SEO facts you may not know

Simple is better

keep your WordPress site simpleWordPress is pretty darned impressive in its capabilities, but just because WordPress can do practically anything doesn’t mean you have to go there.

Because there are downsides to doing too much. It is so easy to go overboard with a complicated design and tons of impressive plugins (40,000 + and growing). You might think more is better, but actually this couldn’t be further from the truth. Here are five reasons to keep your WordPress site simple: Continue reading Simple is better

Make your website mobile-friendly

Make your website Mobile-Friendly Have you ever viewed a website on your mobile device that clearly wasn’t meant to be viewed on a smartphone? OK, that was a rhetorical question, and the answer is most likely ‘yes’. Most of the banks and major online retailers have done an impressive job creating a user-friendly mobile view, but that’s not the case for most small businesses.

Care to see what I mean? Check out your own WordPress site on your smartphone. Is the text big enough to read without pinching and moving the page around with your fingers? Do you have to scroll left and right to view the whole page? Does the functionality of your site work on your smartphone… can you easily fill in the contact form, view a slider, or an image gallery? That’s how clunky my own site was on smartphones until I added a cool mobile plugin. Continue reading Make your website mobile-friendly