Why Have an Active WordPress Blog?

So you think you want a blog? You’ve been told that blogging can help you get found and stay noticed?

It is true. Establishing a web presence can be made easier WHEN you commit to posting with regularity, with enthusiasm for your subject matter, and writing for both the human reader and the Search Engines bots and spiders in mind.

Need a few good reasons for saying yes to “blogging” on your WordPress site spelled out?

#1:  Wordpress as the DIY platform it is IS well-liked and monitored by Google, Bing and other search engines that seek, rank and report on the fresh content found and tagged and categorized. (The better you categorize and tag your writing, the easier you are to find.)

#2:  There is cumulative value in blogging consistently to keep the bots visiting often to see what is new at your site. (Posts need not be long, but they are best when made relevant with SEO copywriting.)

#3:  Your content is working best for you when you tie together themes that link who you are, what you care about, what you are a solution for and it is SEO friendly with meta data (title, tags and descriptions).

#4:  An active blog or discussion forum on your site can incite and build a community that dialogues and shares content, which directs people back to your site. (Content that is Dialogued about and Distributed is like getting Free Press.)

#5:  An active blog gets noticed and gains credibility over time. Plan to invest in a few months of writing  (ideally) weekly and monitor your site analytics to see what people are paying attention to. (Write ahead and refine your writing by staying aware and responsive to what people react to.)

#6:  The adage “write what you know” applies to blogging, but so does exploring new territory when something perplexes you. (And inviting feedback and guest perspectives adds content to your site.)

#7 :  Give people something juicy, timely, and provocative that they MUST share with others they know. (And this can send visitors back to your site, aka Inbound Marketing)

The way I see it, blogging gives me a means to express myself professionally, archive my creative thinking process, share valuable insights, provoke community and dialogue and connection, and best of all make it easier for people to rapidly determine if I might be someone they need and want to work with.

What say you? Will your WordPress site have an active and ever-evolving blog that is your “spokesperson” and accurately paint a professional picture of you?

And, if you aren’t keen on writing and know you must, may I suggest: Hire a Writer to help you keep your site fresh and fabulous. Chances they love writing as much as you love doing what you do! And that is a win-win-win scenario for sure.

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