Get Thee a Copywriter

Hire a WordPress writerSo you think you can write?  Fair enough AND why is still wise to hire a WordPress (copy)writer?

Does the idea of writing cause a wave of doubt or panic or resistance in you? You are not alone.  Sometimes we can more easily tell our story to an objective hired gun and professional listener who can then translate it into a cohesive and congruent piece of writing that reflects who we are, what we do and whom we serve.  But there is more!

A copywriter or ghost writer as “wordsmith” is there to capture your essential message in a style that reflects your tone and style: who you really are. The primary goal of the content on your site is to introduce potential clients to you–even before they pick up the phone or meet with you in person. Would you like to be having warm exchanges with prospects? Yes, I thought so.

What though if you feel like you can write for yourself? I humbly suggest you will still benefit from hiring a writer to critique, copyedit and proof your static copy and counsel you on ways to blog in a compelling way on a consistent basis. Blogging is writing “too” and while in theory “easy” to pen in a conversational and less formal style, some find posting weekly or more to be at times challenging and intimidating.  A few brainstorming sessions with a writer may set you on the path to developing an editorial calendar you can realistically maintain.

Having a well-written blog that stays fresh attracts both SEO attention and human reader attention. The easiest way to organically improve your SEO status and ranking over time is to blog creatively, conversationally, consistently, and congruently with who you are. There are benefits to blogging that compound over time (see the post on Why Have an Active Blog?)

Beautiful Design + User-friendly Functionality + Copy that Provokes = A Client Magnet

At the very least, plan on budgeting for copyediting and proofing. And consider a brainstorming session or two for some developmental writing input. As good a writer as you may be, remember you are so close to what you do and will write from that myopic place.  Get some feedback from people who don’t do what you do who will also tell you the truth–to assure that you are clearly and simply communicating to attract the right audience as prospective clients.

And a word or three on proofreading. Even when you are a good and confident writer, when it comes to proofing your own work, you WILL miss errors and overlook awkward or verbose sections. Our minds by way of our eyes will fill in the missing words and we may eventually see the minor typos (that we can easily correct as the WordPress administrator to our own site as often as needed) but only after we “publish ourselves.”

By all means, Invest in good design and development of your WordPress masterpiece that you can tweak to your heart’s content. And leave some time and resources to develop copy worth living on your site that serves to promote your business and reflect your personal branding. There are plenty of excellent designers who love designing for WordPress. There are extremely competent WordPress developers, Tom Todd of T2 Websites being one who develops sites exclusively in WordPress as he studies the ever evolving DIY platform that WordPress is. And whether you engage a friend with an eagle eye for clarity and errors or you hire a working writer to be your editor or more , I implore you to “Get Thee a Copywriter if You Love Your Business” and want to better insure your WordPress site does what it is supposed to: Attract Ideal Customers and New Business.

Okay, I got that off my chest and I feel better for it. I will get off my soapbox now and go back proofreading website copy and may your future WordPress site be a joy to write for and optimize that it IS the Client Magnet you want it to be.

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