What are the best WordPress sliders?

If you do a web search (or a WordPress plugin search) for ‘sliders’ you’ll find the selection a bit over-whelming.  Many that come up are out-dated and many are ‘feature-less’.  But there are two that are pretty impressive.

One is the DDSlider.   This slider has 11 different and striking transitional effects and you can set the effects to ‘random’.  The DDSlider is fully-customizable and can even handle HTML content instead of an image.  And, unlike most sliders, there’s even an alt field to help our your SEO!  You won’t find the DDSlider among the free WordPress plugins since it’s a premium plugin costing $20.  Learn more about the DDSlider.
The other slider that come to the top is the Featured Content Gallery.  This is the one to use if you want a home page slider to point your visitors to specific posts or pages on your site.  It’s completely customizable with lots of advanced options including custom thumbnails, text, gallery styles and transitions.  The images and text for this slider are added within each individual post or page that feed into the slider.  See the Featured Content Gallery in action on the developers’ site.

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  1. Valpo Creative April 22, 2012 at 8:09 pm #

    I have tried many sliders for wordpress and found nivo slider and easing slider to be the best so far.

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